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Carol Cirillo Stanley     Studio Gallery    Los Angeles

GDCA Gallery Artist of the Day:

Carol Cirillo Stanley written by Petra Wright,

Owner/curator, Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts

One of the things that makes art exciting, is when we get to witness the birth of an idea - the creative spark - which is so illusive and unquantifiable. It is, after all, what makes each artist unique and indispensable. That AHA-moment that often defines an artist's work, is chased by many and yet sometimes it comes along only once or twice in a career. Then, however, there are artists like Carol Cirillo Stanley. The creative wealth of her imagination, through which she is able and willing to explore new avenues, within and outside of her primary medium, photography, seems inexhaustible. The common thread is her analysis of concept and meticulous execution, which follows her singular process called "What the hell, WHY NOT?!". Instinct and experience carry her the rest of the way. The idea is distilled and allowed to blossom. One of such success stories, "Oasis" (30" x40"), taken from her 'Watercolor Aluminum Prints' series, is on display at GDCA this month. Each water-color painting is captured as a single edition aluminum print. "Oasis" is a celebration of contradictions: it is soft in color and cool in substance, both organic and polished, ethereal, elegant, sensual, smoldering and raw. A few more selections from the Water-color Aluminum Print series are included below. For more information please visit us at GDCA Gallery through July 31st!